aMIGO – 2019 remastered edition

My first solo album was originally released in 2005, now remastered and with a bonus live track. Features guest appearances from Brian May, Morgan Fisher and Snowy White. Buy the CD on Amazon.

“... ‘U 8n’t Kewel’ pops and ticks on a tango flash that swirls you round the dance floor as it gently pokes fun at the ‘cool crowd’. Add in the languid stride of ‘Amigo’ and chuggin’ 70s country blues of ‘The Land’ and the eclectic mix really does cover some ground ...”
Steven Reid

Two Late

My second solo album was released in October 2018.
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“The most original songwriting heard on these shores for many years. Eclectic and punchy, sitting somewhere between Steely Dan, Chris Rea, Stevie Wonder and the Crusaders.”

Smile, revisited

In 2018 I went to Abbey Road Studios to record vocal and bass parts for a new version of the Smile track 'Doin' Alright', which is featured in the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic.