I started out in Smile, a power trio coming out of the rock-and-roll hotbed of south-west London in the late 60s.

By the early 70s I wanted to explore different musical directions, so I handed the mic to my eager friend and former classmate Freddie Bulsara. It wasn’t long before he changed the band’s name to Queen.

I continued to write and perform, heavily influenced by transatlantic artists like Ry Cooder and Steely Dan, and over the years I collaborated with countless musicians and bands.

I released my first full solo album aMIGO not long after the millennium. It was followed by Two Late. My third, Wayward Child, will be released in early 2023.

“The most original songwriting heard on these shores for many years. Eclectic and punchy, sitting somewhere between Steely Dan, Chris Rea, Stevie Wonder and the Crusaders.”

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